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Back translation services

Back translations are used as an efficient and stringent way to validate the quality of a translation

As part of our broad range of high quality and effective translation services, we are happy to offer our clients a full back translation service. This method of translation can help validate translation work and gain a greater understanding of the quality of any given translation. Using a back translation service to translate text back into its original written language ensures that the quality of the translation service meets your requirements and that there has been no mistranslation, missing text or other translation errors.

A typical translation assignment involves the translator translating the document, then an independent reviewer proofing and editing the text prior to submission. Back translations can be seen as a post translation process where a second independent translator will translate the already translated text back into its original written language. As with standard translation, once the back translator has processed the work the document will be reviewed and edited prior to submission. Although not an identical word for word match once translate the text should provide a close resemblance of the original. At PS we are happy to back translate documents that have been originated by alterative suppliers as well as documents our own translators have produced. Typical examples of back translation include:

  • Certified back translations of legal documents
  • Back translation of theatre scripts
  • Validation back translation of market research surveys
  • Back translation of medical documents

At PS we are passionate about providing a high quality translation service. So whether you are a market research agency looking for a back translation of a survey or a medical organisation looking for a certified back translation required for compliance reasons, our team of experts are on hand to deal with your requirements. Call us today on 01223 654486 to find out more about our back translation service.

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