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PS Translation - Your provider of Macedonian translations

At PS Translation we provide high quality Macedonian translation services both into and out of the Macedonian language.

We only use Macedonian mother tongue linguists and guarantee all our translators will be using that language every day. It is their mother tongue and no other option will do.

Examples of the type of Macedonian translation services we provide include:

  • Macedonian legal documents
  • Macedonian personal records such as passports and ID cards
  • Macedonian financial statements
  • Macedonian safety notices

Whether you are looking for a certified copy of a birth certificate or need multiple documents translated into Macedonian, we have the skills to meet your needs. For more information about out Macedonian translation services contact us now.

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About Macedonian


Macedonian is the official language of Republic of Macedonia. It is closely related to and shares a high degree of mutual intelligibility with the Bulgarian language and to a certain extent with the Serbo-Croatian language.